Lakeshore- Pool Rentals Rules

The following are conditions for Group Pool Rentals

  • Payment is due on or before the day of the rental.
  • Group size must be confirmed a week before the rental date to allow scheduling of lifeguards.
  • Fees - $7 per person.

General Pool Rules

  • All patrons must shower before entering the pool (under the Health Act)
  • No food or drinks permitted in the pool
  • No foul language or demeaning gestures are tolerated.
  • No Pets Allowed  ** NEW **
  • Should a lifeguard blow his/her whistles three consecutive times it means that all patrons must clear the pool immediately

Big Pool Rules

  1. No diving at either end of the pool
  2. No shoulder rides
  3. No running on the deck
  4. No swimming under the length lanes
  5. No playing in the length lanes
  6. No horseplay (includes wrestling, whipping balls, pushing in the pool, or any other action that can be view as violent or aggressive)
  7. No snorkels in the pool (masks are permitted)
  8. No flipper in the pool except in the length lanes
  9. Pool toys (includes, flutter boards, noodles, water guns, etc). Are subject to the lifeguards' discretion. Floatation devices that infants can sit in are permitted
  10. Children wearing water wings or lifejackets must be within arms reach of an adult at all times.
  11. No jumping into the pool from either of the "No jumping" sections (Areas of the deck which are painted with blue paint)
  12. Flutter boards are permitted in the wading pool and length lanes ONLY
  13. Balls are permitted in the pool but if their use becomes bothersome to other patrons they will be removed
  14. Patrons are asked to stay away from the stairs and ladders where smaller children dominate