Payment Plan Details

Pre-Authorized Debit applications (with voided cheque) must be submitted to the pool office by Saturday August 31st, 2024

The Payment Plan is now closed for Applications.

The Payment Plan starts on Thursday August 1, 2024 and closes on Saturday August 31, 2024

Dear Members,

Please read the following, because there are many benefits if paying for next year’s memberships using the Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) method.

PAD Member Benefits:

  2. Membership Fees including cost of Lifesaving Society (Formerly Red Cross), Bronze Lessons or Private Swim Lessons are spread over ten months (September 1, 2023, to June 1, 2024).
  3. PAD members who prepay for any lessons will have an exclusive 1-week ahead of non-PAD members to book lessons.
  4. Priority placement in the Private Lessons list for PAD Members.

Non-PAD Members

  1. Fees are increasing for the 2024 Season due to the rising costs of operations. (Rates for Membership, and Lesson fees will be determined early in the new year)
  2. Non-PAD Members will have 24 hours after registering in which to pay their fees for both their membership AND lessons, (all unpaid lessons will be cancelled after 24 hours if payment not received).

Summary for 2024 Paying for Membership and booking lessons.

  • P.A.D. members will have first pick for Lifesaving Society and Bronze Swim Lessons and priority on the Private Lesson List.
  • After 1-week, Prior Members will have an opportunity to pay for their membership and book lessons.
  • After another week New Members and any other members will have the opportunity to pay for their membership and book lessons.
  • Members not wishing to pay at the time of pre booking lessons will unfortunately have to wait until Lakeshore opens to select and pay for Lifesaving Society, Bronze Classes, or Private Lessons.

P.A.D. Pricing Table (2024)

Product Full Monthly
Family (2 adults+up to 2 children)$530.00$53.00
Family (1 adult+ up to 2 children)$475.00$47.50
Senior Couple 65+$425.00$42.50
Senior Adult 65+ $300.00$30.00
Adult 18 +$330.00$33.00
Individual Child 12 -18 (can take lessons) $300.00$30.00
Additional child 0-18$50.00$5.00
Summer Resident$150.00$15.00
Live in Caregiver$150.00$15.00
Non-LSPA Subscriber child$125.00$12.50
Life Saving Society Lesson$50.00$5.00
Bronze Star$110.00$11.00
Bronze Medallion$170.00$17.00
Bronze Cross$195.00$19.50
Private Lessons$175.00$17.50

 Lessons can be booked (fees involved) under this membership. Generally this membership is for individual taking Bronze swim classes.