The Pool is Closed for the season. We will start posting 2021 updates in March. Thanks for your support.

We are raising funds for the community pool that we all know and love, Lakeshore Pool.

Rules and how to Play
  • 1. You must be 19 years of age to enter
  • 2. Tickets are $20 each, along with a gift card valued at $15-$25
  • 3. There is an option to pay $30 for your ticket and obtain one immunity
  • 4. Each Sunday at 6pm, starting November 22nd, there will be an elimination draw of 50% of the tickets.
  • (a) there is an option to buy back into the game for $10 until the Thursday following your elimination. You can use the buy back option once only.
  • (b) you can buyback in if you are eliminated in the first 2 draws cutoff is 8pm on November 26th and December 3rd
  • 5. The final draw will be on December 13th at 3pm -- any unused immunity are not valid during the final draw
  • 6. The deadline for entry is Fri November 20th at 8pm.
Payment and Gift Card Drop-Off
  1. Please write your name and ticket # on an envelope containing your Gift Card when you drop it off.
  2. We strongly encourage you to pay online instead of sending cash or a cheque.
  3. When you register, you will see a link for drop-off instructions for your Gift Card.
    Final Gift Card Drop Off Deadline : Fri November 20th 8pm
  4. Payment can be made by e-transfer or cheque if you are not paying when you drop off your Gift Card.
Final Draw Prizes
First place: 40% of remaining gift cards valued at $15-$25
Second place: 30% of the remaining gift cards valued at $15-$25
Third place: 20% of the remaining gift cards valued at $15-$25
Fourth place: 10% of the remaining gift cards valued at $15-$25
All proceeds go to Lakeshore Pool. Good luck and have fun!
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Draw Date Details Results
Mon Nov 22nd1st Draw
Mon Nov 29th2nd Draw
Mon Dec 6th3rd Draw
Mon Dec 13thFinal Draw