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Pool Office : 613-389-9510   Address : 792 Henderson Blvd., Kingston, K7M 4Y3
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 Red Cross Lessons (Session 1) Jun 28th Jul 9th
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June 7, 2021 @ 7:50 pm ** NEW **
Asking about the pool address

All info and maps are on the contact us page

June 7, 2021 @ 7:50 pm ** NEW **
There have been many requests and suggestions about how to do pool bookings.
Here are the features that will be available in the next version of the pool booking system:
  • Drop the rule of 1 booking a day
  • Allow partial bookings, e.g. kids (accompanied by a green or black badge) can go in the afternoon and the rest of the family later on.
  • Ability to Edit a booking - so you can drop people from the booking and add them. (providing space and credits are available)
  • Changing the current system of only 1 booking a day to a total of 3 bookings per paid member in your membership
    • e.g. If you have four paid people in your membership - you can book 12 spots (4 times 3). It still works out to 3 total bookings, but not you can arrange them however you want.
    • You can book adult swim as well as free swims on the same day
    • Adult swims do not count towards your free swim credits
  • Add the ability to fill in the covid pre-screen questionnaire quickly and for the group attending the pool.
  • Adding a method of contact - either email or sms
June 7, 2021 @ 7:50 pm ** NEW **

Lessons and prime time pool bookings have filled up quickly. At this time we are unable to change the numbers because they are given to us by the government and Public Health. When we are allowed to increase them, we will.

  • We will be adding the ability to add someone to the waiting list of full lessons. When a spot opens up, they will be added to the lesson.