Swim Lessons at Lakeshore Swimming Pool

Lessons are based on Red Cross Swim levels. To View details - visit the page below:
Program Level Registration Guide – Red Cross Swim Kids

The Red Cross Swim Classes are in Session 1, Session 2 and Session 3 and each session is 2 weeks long Monday-Friday.

When you are logged in, you can View Lesson Status to see what classes and times are available. Go to My Account and then Lessons

To be fair to all Members, you can only book one Lesson at a time until the next Session begins. That way, everyone gets a chance at their first choice in Session and Lesson times.

At the beginning of Session 2 and Session 3, you will have the opportunity to book additional lessons.

Lessons costs are available here : LSPA Fees

See What Classes are Available


 Red Cross Lessons (Session 1)
Mon Jul 4th Jul 15th
 Bronze Lessons (July)
Jul 18th Jul 22nd
 Red Cross Lessons (Session 2)
Mon Jul 25th Aug 5th
 Bronze Lessons (August)
Aug 8th Aug 12th
 Red Cross Lessons (Session 3)
Mon Aug 15th Aug 26th